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An Unexpected Experience

“What is it like,” people ask, “to be a grandparent?” My first answer to this question is a very truthful, “I don’t know.” Because like many novel experiences in life one has to live with the novelty for a time and allow the experience to unfold. After all, grandparenthood is not a thing like a new smartphone. 

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Ashley Madison and the Pain of Betrayal

It has been well over a month and fallout from the Ashley Madison hack continues. In conducting a search on the topic I was astonished by the mere scope of the story. More than 30,000.000 accounts. Multiply that by the family members that are affected by the release of user names and the number could exceed 120,000,000 or more. The number of people affected could even be higher. Adultery, infidelity, “cheating”  no matter what you call it, it is a subject about which nearly everyone has strong feelings about. As noted therapist, author and lecturer Esther Perel says, “an affair is a collective event whose cast of characters includes family, friends, colleagues and neighbors.” 

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Finding Your Way

Robert Frost in his famous poem "The Road Not Taken" wrote that embarking in a direction not taken by many makes "all the difference." Making changes, any changes, in life can be exciting and frightening at the same time. Regardless whether the change is large or small. Ironically, it is adversity which often necessitates change. Once change is underway, it is just as often that it is adversity we face.

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