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Every Moment a Choice

It's true what the bumper sticker says. Sometimes "stuff" happens. The unexpected does occur. Even with all the randomness the being alive brings, everyone always has choices. Choices not only about what to do or where to go. We also have choices about how to respond and what attitude we can adopt. When we become aware of the choices we make and ones we can make, we might realize that each moment can become a moment of change. 

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What is courage? It's not something found outside of ourselves. Everyone possesses courage. The only time we can't find it within ourselves is when we tell ourselves that we are not courageous. You plus motivation equals success. 

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Resolutions and Commitments

We may not be an elite athlete or ever compete for a major tournament title on the PGA Tour. We can however, use some of the tools employed by many of the best when we think about what we want to achieve for ourselves this year and beyond. Here are two thoughts about what is essential to executing anything inline be it a golf shot, a home repair or becoming a better partner. 

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